Aleksi Litovaara

Professional ICF Certified Coach, PCC
Solution Focused Supervisor / työnohjaaja, STOry

Aleksi has helped individuals, teams and organizations reach their goals and sustain productivity since 2010. His coaching clients vary from Fortune 500 organizations to small private companies, entrepreneurs, sales- and customer service teams. His experience includes coaching senior managers and C-Suite executives to grow their strengths and performance.

Aleksi is passionate about human high performance and his expertise is in self-leadership, working energy management, recovery and success strategies. He overcame a severe fear of competing at the age of 13 and has been using mental tools ever since that his coach-mom taught him to build his success. Aleksi won the snowboarding halfpipe world cup 1996 and was a finalist in Nagano Olympics.

Before coaching career his company has been producing media content, events and athlete management. He has been a Member of the Board at the Finnish Coaching Federation and teaching mental sport coaching (sportpsychology) at Mäkelänrinne sport high school.