Unlearning to Coach

Unlearning to Coach – 1.3.2024

Ajankohta: 1.3.2024 klo 10.30 CET/11.30 EET

Järjestäjä: EMCC Finland

Tilaisuus on tarkoitettu Suomen Coaching-yhdistyksen ja EMCC Finlandin jäsenille

We’ve learned so much in our lifetimes, from our parents, our teachers, our peers, our work, our managers, our coach training. But when it comes to coaching, that prior learning is not always useful. We need to unlearn some mindsets and skillsets to make way for new ones that enable our thinkers to think in new ways. 

In this session, we’ll cover: 

  • Scripts our parents taught us… 
  • Beliefs we learned from school… 
  • Habits we learned at work… 
  • Practices we learned from our coaching training… 
    …that we need to unlearn to be a masterful coach. 

This session will leave you wondering what else you need to unlearn to be a more masterful coach! You can find out more in Clare’s book:  The Transformational Coach: free your thinking and break through to coaching mastery.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Articulate a number of scripts that are currently preventing you from being the best coach you can be
  • Describe more useful scripts that will enable you to become an extraordinary coach
  • Make changes to your own coaching that embrace new mindsets and skillsets

Trainer: Clare Norman, Master Mentor Coach

With over 20 year of coaching experience, Clare is highly sought after by other expert coaches, as well as successful coach training companies as a Master Mentor Coach. Clare looks to continually sharpen individuals’ coaching edge and upskill mentor coaches so they can deliver high quality feedback to their coaches-in-cevelopment. Her laser focus on mindset shifts ad her knack for spotting marginal gains has made her a go-to person for coaches looking for mentorship and practical, meaningful ways to improve their practice

With an international following from both her coaching peers and senior leadership, Clare is making a difference to the world of work via the professional application of coaching. Her mission across all her work is to encourage leaders to put people and the planet before profits. In 2015, Clare started her own business, Clare Norman Coaching Associates. Drawing on 25 years of learning and development experience gleaned from leading L&D strategy within NatWest and Accenture, she specialises in transition and leadership coaching, alongside mentor coaching and coaching supervision.

Clare’s first book, Mentor Coaching: A Practical Guide, is a work of passion and according to Fran Fisher MCC, ’makes a significant contribution to the conscious evolution of the coaching profession, [and] offers a new paradigm for coach mentoring and the continuous personal and professional development of the coach.’

Her second book, The Transformational Coach, enables you to shed the ineffective scripts, trappings and beliefs that a lifetime of personal interactions, professional training and even your parents have taught you, such that you can reset your thinking to a beginner’s mentality and so begin a fulfilling and exciting journey to coaching mastery.

Living in the New Forest, Hampshire with her bloodhound and husband, Clare is a prolific blogger and an award-winning regular feature writer for industry magazines and journals. She is also a popular speaker, often called upon to deliver webinars and keynotes to fellow coaches looking to sharpen their edge.

Further information:

Clare Norman, website , LinkedIn , Book: The Transformational Coach

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